Savoy Plaza

Classic Style, Modern Luxury

A Glamorous History

The Story:

Built in 1929 and designed by renowned architect Leland Bryant, the Savoy Plaza Apartments opened as a luxury apartment house at just about the same time as the Chateau Marmont (the  white, castle-like building on Sunset Boulevard just west of the Savoy). By the late 1920s, West Hollywood's location between Beverly Hills and Hollywood and the development of the Sunset Strip turned this central land mass into a popular living area filled with Spanish Colonial Revival and Period Revival high-rise apartment complexes.  Designed by leading architects such as Leland Bryant, Walter Davis, and Arthur & Nina Zwebell, the district was filled with unique properties that became the homes of stars, writers, and directors, who occupied them on long term and short term basis while writing scripts, filming and creating the industry that we now call "Hollywood." Today, these buildings offer one of the most impressive collections of 1920s and 30s apartment buildings in Southern California .  The area is known today as the Historic District of West Hollywood.

The Savoy Plaza was one of the late additions to the West Hollywood skyline. It was well-appointed and fully furnished with fine antiques, maid service, security, and chauffeurs on staff.  Its designer, Leland Bryant, was born in Michigan in 1891.  He graduated from University of California, Berkeley , and became known in California for building designs ranging from Modern to Period Revival.  Bryant collaborated with Samuel Coine to create the Savoy Plaza, and others such as the Sunset Tower Hotel, Four Gables Apartments, Beau Sejour, Granville Apartments and La Fontaine.

The owners:

"Our mission is to give the sojourner the feeling that they live in "old Hollywood" with the artists that made this town a dream of generations from the 20's onward; the writer, the actor, the designer and architect, all found a home in this haven.  We are pleased to give them a befitting home here again." The current owners of the "Savoy Plaza," who acquired this property in late 2006, have taken painstaking care in restoring the period details of the Savoy, including its beautiful murals, elegant French gardens, percolating fountain and other details, all the while infusing the property with the convenience and trappings of our era.  Recognizing that this symbol of elegant "old Hollywood" represents a moment in time, they sought to restore the authentic look and feel of the original "Savoy Plaza."  To do that, they took care to preserve and restore the historic wood and metal work, moldings and wainscoting, finials, and sconces, while they replaced and laid new ceramic, glass and marble tile and new hard wood floors throughout each floor of this Property.   The owners are committed to their mission and cause and have been recognized for their achievements with similar historic properties, including their revival of the "deco-style" property known as the Dominguez-Wilshire Building located on Wilshire Boulevard's "Miracle Mile."  They have taken a special interest in this property, and have applied their passion, restoring this French Chateau delight and preserving a genuine experience of luxury for today's audience.  We are proud to announce that The Savoy Plaza Apartments is listed as one of the Historic Places by the Historic Preservation Commission of West Hollywood and appears on the cover of the City's brochure of it's treasured historic properties.